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Park Day
9-21-17 12:00 pm - Canvs
Orlando Homeschool Events

Everyone is invited for monthly Park Day! Bring a lunch and lots of water. Comment below if anyone has a birthday that month and we can celebrate all together. Optional: bring ice popsicles for everyone to share.

CBA Downtown Orlando Chapter-Bring your Business Cards and Marketing Materials
9-21-17 12:00 pm - Canvs
Christian Business Ambassadors (CBA)

Christian Business Ambassadors is a networking group for anyone looking to grow their business. We create an environment to cultivate new referral sources to grow businesses, by educating, mentoring and connecting individuals and business owners...

Fireside Chats @ Canvs: Dividing Startup Equity with Ed Alexander
9-21-17 12:00 pm - Canvs
Canvs Events

Dividing Startup Equity: An Objective Method to Allocate Stock Among Co-Founders This presentation discusses the types of allocations and the four things of value founders can contribute towards the start-up. Like many founder decisions, dividing...

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